Hors d’œuvre - The Secondary Concern #3

Saturday 27th of May 2017, 4 pm
tête, Schönhauser Allee 161A 
Berlin 10435

We are happy to announce that due to the success of last year’s event, Hors d’œuvre - The Secondary Concern will be realized in a second edition.

For Hors d’œuvre - The Secondary Concern #3, the participating artists will fill tête with hors dʼoeuvres and videos about food, playing with the sense of the word hors dʼoeuvre ("apart from the [main] work"): On the one hand, food and cooking is not the main medium of the participating artists, and, on the other hand, the selected video works use food as a medium to focus on social/political issues. With Hors d'œuvres by:

Stefan Alber, Marion Andrieu mit Darren Norman, Nina Ansari, Caroline Armand, Conny Becker, Donald Becker, Jonas Blume, Anna Chkolnikova, Cecile Dupaquier, Christine de la Garenne, April Gertler, Simon Grabowski, Vanessa Henn, Pina Holm, Sibylle Jazra, Thomas Jocher, Susanne Jung, Yuki Jungesblut, Yoshinori Kawamura, Marte Kiessling, Birgit Krause, Ulysses Mechita, Marie-José Ourtilane, Thomas und Renée Rapedius, Can Rastovic, Susanne Roewer, Isabel Schmiga, Sandra Setzkorn, Heidi Sill, Rita und Jonah Steinauer, Alex Tennigkeit, Evgenija Wassilew, Anne Zunftmeister-Mertke

+ Screening with videos by Jonas Blume, Marcel van Eeden, Christine de la Garenne, Giulia Giannola, Stoll & Wachall

+ An installation by Christine de la Garenne and the architecture for the exhibition by Stefan Alber


A project by Conny Becker, April Gertler and Marte Kiessling