MASA Projesi at BAS, Istanbul

PRESS RELEASE Foundation of Isabel Schmiga's artistic engagement are shifts in context of insignificant elements from familiar situations. So far, the artist concentrates on transitions, idiosyncrasies of her everyday surroundings, collisions of seemingly irreconcilable opposites, substances and their emblematic qualities, the form, the word. MASA is showing two art works of the artist: POLIS, a series of cut outs, the artist made during her six month residence in Platform Garanti, Istanbul in 2006 & BANDITS, a new site-specific assemblage for MASA. Things that due to their permanent presence in everyday life appear negligible, become almost invisible. The rhetoric of the material, the multilingualism of familiar things and symbols, and the relationship of body and space contour the artist's view in a double sense: they are literally motivation and motive of her enterprise of engaging with the ambiguity of familiar signs, thereby bringing to the surface firmly inscribed, hidden potentials of meaning.

Isabel Schmiga, born in 1971, currently lives and works in Paris. Studies at the Academy for Fine Arts Braunschweig (MFA), studies in Art History at Basel University. Several scholarships and residencies, among them DAAD for Switzerland, Basel, iaab for Platform Garanti, Istanbul and iaab for Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

As an extension that excludes art created for the system, as an environment that aims to compose an area with no boundaries for the Artist, MASA welcomes everyone!

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