OBSERVERS shows cut-out technical airplane drawings, a book about types of airplanes, folded as praying mantises installed in a scientific order in a glass vitrine. Since September 11, 2001, there are as it were, no civilian airplanes anymore. Every sports airplane, regardless of how small, is, once it has escaped the radar eye of aerial surveillance, immediately interpreted as a potential terrorist weapon. In summer 2005, a small sports airplane crashed directly in front of the Berlin Reichstag, its unexpected appearance causing a state of emergency. With this event, the question arose whether it should be allowed to shoot down "preventatively" passenger airplanes that leave their permitted route.

Paper, insect pins, varnish, canvas, styrofoam, glass cabinet
129 x 49,5 x 97 cm

TEXTGAP, CAN Centre d`Art Neuch√Ętel, 2006